Benefits of Healthy Yoghurt surprise

Benefits of Healthy Yoghurt surprise

Benefits of Healthy Yoghurt surprise

Yes, we all know that yogurt is a healthy types of food nutrition experts favorite. Yogurt can help healthy digestion and calcium-rich for the formation of bones and teeth strong and healthy.

In addition, the benefits of yogurt let alone you know? The facts below may surprise you and make you the more love yogurt.
1. Yogurt may help flatten the stomach.

Eat 6 ounces of yogurt a day and you can decrease the size of Your waist circumference. Those who eat large amounts of yogurt while dieting, losing weight is 22 per cent and 81 per cent more abdominal fat, than the pediet away from the snack, according to a study from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.

They can also maintain a third more muscle mass, which can help your body burn calories and keep the weight off, said Professor nutrition and lead author of the study Michael Zemel, PhD.

2. Most brands of yogurt contains good bacteria.

Yogurt contains probiotics beneficial bacteria, a type that lives in the digestive tract and helps remove harmful microorganisms that can cause infection of the intestines.

3. The yogurt is loaded with vitamins.

One serving of yogurt is rich in potassium, phosphorus, riboflavin, zinc, iodine, and vitamin B5 (Pantothenic acid).

Yogurt also contain B12, to maintain red blood cells and helps keep Your nervous system to function properly.

“Vitamin B12 is mostly found in animal products such as meat, chicken and fish, so even a vegetarian can reap the benefits of yogurt,” said Jackie Newgent, RD, a member of the Advisory Board of the Fitness Magazine and author of Big Green Cookbook.

4. A cup of yogurt every day can help rejuvenate Your post workout.

With the proper ratio of protein with carbohydrates, yogurt, especially Greece, yogurt is an excellent snack consumed after exercise.

“The right time to consume yogurt is in 60 minutes after exercise,” said Keri Gans, RD, a nutritionist in New York City.

Protein in yogurt provides the amino acids that are required of your muscles to repair themselves, explains Gans. Carbs in it replaces lost energy while exercising.

5. Not all yogurts contain calcium and vitamin D in the same amount.

Because yogurt contains calcium naturally, you might think that all brands of yogurt contain calcium in the same amount. You are wrong.

“The levels of calcium yogurt varies from brand to brand, so you really need to check it’s label,” Newgent said.

How much calcium is found in a brand of yogurt, depends very much on the way of processing. For example, yogurt fruit tends to have more sedkiit calcium from yogurt plain.

“Vitamin D is not naturally in yogurt, but because it helps increase the absorption of calcium, most companies add them,” explains Newgent again.

6. Yogurt may prevent high blood pressure.

Every day, 70 percent of us consuming salt twice more from the recommended rate. Long, this can cause hypertension, kidney disorders and heart disease.

Eight ounces of yogurt containing almost 600 milligrams potassium. Potassium may help excrete excess sodium from your body.

Benefits of fast for Health

benefit of fasting

benefit of fasting

Ramadan is a blessed month, when people concentrate on their commitment to blood the creator. During Ramadan, Muslims fast from dawn until dusk.

As soon as the sun sets, the fasting person allowed to eat and drink again. In addition to a spiritual appreciation, Ramadan also has some health benefits.

Lose Weight manfaat puasa senin kamis
Although Ramadan does not always lead to weight loss, an article in The Washington Post in September 2008, indicating a diet expert in Tehran use Ramadan to help overweight people who achieve the ideal weight.

Rather than eating fatty foods and sweet as soon as the sun sets, the patient requested consuming healthy dinner consisting of soup, fresh bread, cheese from goat’s milk.

This is the traditional food that is commonly eaten in Iran the month of Ramadan, but without the addition of sugar and ketchup, so can help slimming body.
Lowering Blood Sugar Levels
When you spend hours without eating, your blood sugar will drop. According to Dr. Razeen Mahroof at articles for “Arab News” August 2010, your body is using the stored glucose to be converted to energy when you are fasting.

People with diabetes should talk with a doctor before you run Fast for long periods of time. Those with high blood sugar-diabetes-but no one will benefit from the process of fasting.
Learn Healthy Habits
If you’re used to eating a lot of sugary foods in daily life, Ramadan can also be a good time to stop that habit.

As the sun sets, you can choose to source of complex carbohydrates for our secaa converted to glucose slowly-like grains and other foods high in fiber.

This change has a double benefit. The most obvious is that you grow healthy foods rich in nutrients and low in calories.

The other benefit is that you will not feel hungry during the day. The food takes a long time to be transformed into glucose will get you energized for hours and will help control hunger during the day.
Additional benefit
Depending on your diet, Ramadan can be a time to reduce fat, which can help lower your cholesterol.

For that, you have to ignore a high fat meal at night, stay away from fried foods and consuming low-fat protein. Because you are fasting for hours, you’ll also consume less sodium, which can help you lower blood pressure.

A review on “Nutrition Journal” 2010 stated, that although the general consensus States that Fasting during Ramadan does not have negative health consequences, it would be different if You mengasup trans fats is excessive at the time of dinner.

If you are fasting of Ramadan, choose cuts with no or low fat so that it cannot feel the negative effects.

Stress Makes the passion of making love to decline

Stress Makes the passion of making love to decline

Stress Makes the passion of making love to decline

Often stressed and unable to control your emotions can ruin the tranquility, affect sleep patterns and make the immune system becomes weak. In addition, the study revealed that the condition often stress also increases blood pressure and cholesterol, which leads to erectile dysfunction (DE).

Erectile dysfunction is the inability of a man to erection and maintain it during sexual activity. This certainly gives the psychological impact because limit intimacy with a partner and lose confidence.

“Stress is very related to erectile dysfunction. Stress affects the mind and one’s psychological, so that any stimulation could hardly make a man an erection, “says Dr. Vipin Tyagi, the surgeon at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital.

Erectile dysfunction can indeed occur in men any age, but the risk increases as the population ages. This condition also significantly increased the high mental and emotional pressure, which is usually more frequently experienced by men.

“Men tend to be reluctant to tell the thing to other people in order to look powerful, but precisely these conditions worsened her mental health himself. Unwittingly, this then also effect conferring at the risk of erectile dysfunction, “pungkas Dr. Rajeev Kumar, a urologist at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), as quoted from the Times of India on Wednesday (15/6/2016).

According to another of the urologist Fortis Escorts Hospital, Dr. Ashish Sabharwal, general physical causes of erectile dysfunction include diseases of the heart and blood vessels. Other related conditions such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and metabolic syndrome is also known to increase the risk of erectile dysfunction.

Therefore, man should consider lightly stress and other health disorders. Although currently perceived may not have been too influential against sexual activity, but this condition can become chronic if allowed to happen constantly.

Prepare for Clan War Winning Tips to Change Design Base


Well this time I will give you articles about the design base war. Who says war design was not important? Let’s try to just follow these tips.


When War force base and our strategy when playing the game Clash of Clans hack tools is really tested. In addition we have to be clever to choose troop and base spell to finish off an opponent we must also be good at designing the base so that the enemies of difficulty to get a score when the Clan War. And in the last update in December 2014 yesterday, Clash of Clans issued the latest features to design base guys. With these features you can more easily change the design of the base.

1. Change Design Base every War

war clash of clans

My goal suggested to change the design of the base of each commit war is to see and compare the base of which is thought to be “a good time to withstand the opponent’s attack and which are less well when attacked. The more variations of a design war base you will be better, you can mendesai birthday by combining several designs ever you make to your base is getting stronger and the enemy will be difficult to score.
2. Play Little Tricks

Clan When you’ve entered the phase of preparation for the war, you can change the design of your base. I suggest when the war will start again 20-10 hours use design base that is less good. For example, you can use the farming base or base your design you a little creative with different shapes. You can also intimidate opponents by writing messages through the base of your design to your opponent. Point for opponent hooked and underestimate the power of your base. After the war almost time near or around 2 hours, immediately change your base design to a mode that is more difficult to penetrate. Enemies will be surprised and troop they prepare for war less apt to beat up your base so they had to make troop back.

3. Fill Clan Castle with Troop Different

This is also the same as the way no.1 objective that we know the right combination between the defense of our base with a troop that was in the Clash of lords hack tool, so the enemy failed to score or get a small score. For example, if the war this time you use a combination wizard and archer, in the next war you can use a combination wizard and dragon, or dragon with archer.

If you pay attention rarely Clash of Clans players use the tips above. It may seem trivial but with the above tips you can minimize the impact of attacks of your enemies. But it also depends on great opponents see the weak side of our base, if he was good to know the weak points of the base that we have can be ascertained, the base we can also destroyed. And if your base is destroyed, consider again the replay of the opponent’s attack, and see the weakness of the base that we have and then modified again so getting tronger.more

Trigger Diarrhea when fasting

Trigger Diarrhea when fasting

Trigger Diarrhea when fasting

Diarrhea in the fasting month is no fun. In addition to abdominal painstruck, the risk is also high fasting due to the onset of dehydration. So, what triggers diarrhea in the fasting month?
Diarrhea appear in the morning and caused by improper food intake while breaking in the afternoon and the evening before. manfaat sit up
Health consultant Cipto Mangunkusumo HOSPITAL from cerna, Dr. AriFahrial sham, SpPDKGEH, FINASIM, diarrhoea disorders is the most-complained of indigestion triggering cancel fast.
Then what triggers someone suffered from diarrhea in the fasting month? Summarised detikHealth, 3 of which are the following:
1. Spicy foods
Dr. Ari explains capsaisin contained in chilli gives many benefits to fasting for physical, such as adding to the appetite and eliminate the soreis due to changes in sleep patterns and activity.
“But certainly the consumption of hot pepper should not be excessiveand could not be consumed if our digestive are problematic. Excessiveconsumption of chili will certainly trigger a recurrence of pain in some people mag will induce diarrhea, “said Dr. Ari.
2. Food spiced sharp
Dr. Djajadisastra Mulyawan Duddy, SpPD, FINASIM from the BethsaidaHOSPITAL says in addition to spicy food, the food is marinated in coconut milk and spices such sharp can also trigger diarrhea.
He therefore recommends that dishes like beef rendang, ayam penyet,curry sauce and other spice foods avoided so as not to cause diarrhea.
3. Fatty Foods
Dr. Epistel p. Simatupang, SpPD of Siloam Hospitals Kebon Jeruk(SHKJ) says, the consumption of fatty foods that are too much also can trigger diarrhea because it is basically difficult to digest fats.
High fatty food such as satay, beef, goat meat to food containing saturated fats like fried foods are some examples of foods that should be avoided.

Heatstroke, A Stroke Because Of The Hot Weather

Heatstroke, A Stroke Because Of The Hot Weather

Heatstroke, A Stroke Because Of The Hot Weather

Heatstroke is caused by exposure to high temperatures or for committing physical activity when the weather is hot. You considered suffered heatstroke when the temperature reaches 40 degrees C (104 degrees F) or higher.

High humidity, specific health problems, and the use of some drugs increase the risk of heatstroke.

Heatstroke is one of two developments in the condition of the body associated with hot weather. When the body is too hot, the person may experience cramps because of the hot weather.

If not do the cooling to the body, then it can continue experiencing heat exhaustion symptoms, such as sweating very much, nausea, headache, and feeling lethargic.

Heatstroke occurs when body temperature continues to rise. At this point, emergency treatment needs to be done. Within hours, the untreated heatstroke can cause damage to the heart, brain, kidneys, and muscles.

Such damage could be worse if treatment is delayed, thereby increasing the risk of serious complications or death.

The cause of the

Heatstroke may occur due to:

1. Exposure to heat from the surrounding environment
This type is called Heatstroke heatstroke nonexertional. The condition is caused by a hot environment that causes a rise in body temperature, without any heavy physical activity.

Types of heatstroke usually occurs on hot, humid weather, especially for a long time. This occurs most often in adults and in people with chronic disease.

2. heavy physical activity
Heatstroke this type called exertional heatstroke. The condition is caused by an increase in body temperature caused by physical activity in hot weather.

Anyone who’s working out or working when hot weather can experience exertional heatstroke. But the condition is most likely to occur if someone unfamiliar with the high temperature.

In both types of heatstroke, can be caused by:

a. wear clothes that prevent excess sweat can evaporate easily.
b. drinking alcohol, which can affect the body’s ability to regulate body temperature.
c. dehydration, due to not drinking enough water to replace fluids after sweating.


Heatstroke symptoms can include:
1. high body temperature
2. Less sweating when hot weather
3. Nausea and vomiting
4. the reddened skin
5. Breath fast and shallow
6. Increased heart rate
7. The headache
8. The confusion, seizures, hallucinations
9. Pass out
10. Muscle Cramps


Treatment of heatstroke focuses to make an effort towards the body temperature normal cooling to prevent or reduce damage to the brain and vital organs. To do so, the doctor will take steps, among others:

1. Soak of patients in cold water
The doctor probably will put the patient’s body in a tub of cool water or ice water, so that it can quickly lower the body temperature of the patient.

2. Using the technique of evaporation cooling
Some doctors prefer to use evaporation instead of soaking to lower a patient’s body temperature.

3. Wrap the patients with ice and cooling blankets
Another method is by wrapping the patient in blankets special cooling and also covered patients with ice. Especially in the area of the neck, groin, and armpits to lower body temperature.

4. Give medications to stop the patient’s shivering
If the use of drugs to lower the body temperature will make the patient shivers, the doctor will probably give you a muscle relaxant, such as benzodiazepines. Because shivering can increase the body temperature, so it makes the treatment less effective.

This is an explanation of why high temperatures can kill quickly

This is an explanation of why high temperatures can kill quickly

This is an explanation of why high temperatures can kill quickly

Heat wave is a natural phenomenon in which the temperature of a region experiencing significant increases. This could be a threat because people in place related to become susceptible to be exposed to what his name was heat stroke.

Like in 2015 and then countries like Pakistan and India reported experiencing severe heat waves and many people died from heat stroke. Casualties numbered more than 1,000 people the most are the elderly and those with weak physical. cara menghitung berat badan ideal

How high temperatures it can kill quickly? Professor Richard Keller of the University of Wisconsin-Madison who is researching the phenomenon of heat waves explain essentially related to the metabolism of the body.

When the temperature is too high the body will experience fatigue because heat is characterized by excess perspiration, nausea, throbbing pulse toned, and muscle cramps. These signs appear because the body is trying to cool off.

Keller said when these alerts appear then immediately find ways to cool body temperature. “These alerts as see arrows fired and tells you that something is coming,” said Keller was quoted as saying from Live Science, Tuesday (21/6/2016).

If someone does not quickly get aid to cool off after a sign of heat exhaustion due to appear, the next phase is heat stroke.

In an effort to cool off the body will dilate the blood vessels under the skin by way of scrunching the blood vessels and reduces blood flow in the stomach. Because of the shortage of blood, then abdominal wall between the existing cells to become weakened and create toxic that is there in the stomach could leak gets into the bloodstream triggers a massive inflammatory reaction.

Due to the spilling of toxic and inflammatory reaction of the muscle cells begin to decompose incoming destroyed in blood. Kidney ever work extra hard to clean blood naturally and slowly the failure of the function.

Contaminated blood from various harmful substances can get to the brain to make damage. Study of the results of the autopsies of the victims of the heat wave showed at least almost all of her brain had signs of stroke.

The threat of Cancer behind avail in Hot Coffee

The threat of Cancer behind avail in Hot Coffee

The threat of Cancer behind avail in Hot Coffee

A panel of influential under the World Health Organization (WHO) concluded that coffee can prevent some types of cancer. But the heat have avail coffee risk ‘ may ‘ trigger cancer.

Avail in hot coffee, as well as other hot drinks, categorized ‘ probably carcinogenic ‘ and associated with esophageal cancer in numerous studies. But that possibility is found only on the hot coffee avail, i.e. higher or equal to 65 degrees Celsius.

“Drinks are too hot can injure cells in the esophagus and trigger the formation of cancer cells,” said Mariana Stern of the University of Southern California, quoted from USAtoday, Thursday (16/6/2016).

For coffee in General, luckily there is no warning of any kind. Thus, coffee in reasonable servings can provide a number of health benefits. According to scientists, the coffee can reduce the risk of liver cancer by 15 percent as published in the journal Lancet Oncology.

In 1991, the International Agency for Research on Cancer has ever labeled as possibly carcinogenic ‘ coffee ‘. The latest statement of the panel WHO is at once the status of the repeal, with a note not to be consumed when still avail in the heat.

According to a survey, 64 percent of adults in the United States are coffee drinkers. On average they consume coffee at a temperature of 60 degrees Celsius or lower.

Carefully make a Tatto! Certain Colors More Dangerous

Carefully make a Tatto! Certain Colors More Dangerous

Carefully make a Tatto! Certain Colors More Dangerous

Due to the indiscriminate make tatto, a man in Glasgow Scotland experiencing swelling of the spleen. According to doctors, the condition is triggered by the use of ink colors namely red, blue and black. If wearing the color green, this guy was more secure.

Man 23 years this unnamed is a big fan of Glasgow Rangers Football Club, to the point of being willing to make the Club’s logo depicts a tatto on his chest. Incidentally, the dominant color on the Ranger logo is blue and red, with black as their frames. nurudinsya

Who would have thought, because this guy must be the tatto was taken to hospital for examination because experienced splenic glands swelling in the armpit and groin. The location was rather far from the bosom of a place that so sculpted tatto nobody thinks the two are interconnected.

Doctors initially thought the swelling that occurs because the cancer so that direct checks to be anticipated as early as possible. At the hospital, the man who made their living as amateur boxers is directly recommended to undergo the examination of blood.

However, in the examination of blood cells, doctors found spots of pigment (color substance) that litter the dark blood. Therefore doctors suspect, the swelling occurs because the substances used in the manufacture of tatto form Glasgow Ranger logo.

This results in a swelling of the spleen functions of the immune system or the immune system decline so susceptible to the disease. Because it reacts with a substance specific color used in the tatto, these glands become not optimal in producing immune cells.

This rare case later studied by 3 haematology in Scotland, namely Mike Leach, Robert Jackson and Edward j. Fitzsimon. In his report in the British Journal of Haematology, the trio concluded that the swelling was triggered by substances black, green and red.

“The Coincidence of Glasgow have 2 Football Club, Ranger and Celtic. The risk of swelling of the glands, spleen on Celtic supporters turned out to be lower because of the team’s logo is green, “the researchers wrote in the report, as quoted from The Sun, Monday (21/2/2011).

These findings imply that tatto made with green colour are safer from the risk of swelling of the glands, spleen. However for the rabid supporters of Glasgow Rangers, tatto green are identical to the opponent’s Club logo i.e. Glasgow Celtic is certainly not interesting options

Tattoos connected with chronic health problems dyes, chemicals could cause extended-term allergic responses and infections, warn scientists



It’s somewhat amusing when health-conscious folks make an effort to defend tattoos, whilst disregarding the fact in the needle itself for the ink being injected can be a potential health risks. Research carried out lately learned that most inked people who develop some form of acute reaction carrying out a invasive procedure also finish off developing chronic health problems like constant swelling and infection.

After polling some 300 inked people walking through New York’s Central Park, researchers learned that a maximum of 10% appreciated suffering any noticeable reactions carrying out a procedure. But among people who did, six in 10 mentioned they suffered severe health problems that didn’t disappear for just about any extended time many of them still suffering to this day.

images (2)

Dr. Marie Leger, an epidermis physician within the New You’ll be able to College Langone Clinic in New You’ll be able to City and co-author in the recently printed paper, states she made a decision to check out the problem after recognizing an uptick in the quantity of patients going to her because of difficulties with their tattoos. After speaking with buddies and co-employees, she found that tattoo-related health problems tend to be prevalent than she formerly thought.

Her paper, which was printed inside the journal Contact Eczema, contends that particular in 10 people who get tattoos experience itching, swelling, redness or infection due to the procedure. Generally, these unwanted effects go on for several days or possibly years, though many inked people choose to simply accept it and steer obvious of going to a health care provider.

Proclaiming they really loves tattoos, Dr. Leger still warns that people need to comprehend the hazards involved, that are likely more severe than the average joe assumes. Injecting any kind of abnormal substance underneath the skin layers clearly isn’t risk-free, as well as, since acquiring a tattoo is essentially permanent (aside from configuring it expertly removed), people have to softly consider what they’re doing for his or her physiques.

“Of 300 participants, 31 (10.3%) reported encountering a poor tattoo reaction, 13 (4.3%) reported acute reactions, and 18 (6.%) suffered in the chronic reaction concerning a specific colour lasting for >4 several days,” warns the study. “These studies suggests that tattoo reactions are relatively common, which further analysis to the underlying causes is merited.”

Tattoos and vaccines both contain toxic mercury

What about a variety of it itself? According to Dr. Leger, tattoo ink is very loosely controlled inside the U.S., meaning it could contain a number of hidden toxins that, once injected, cannot be fully removed. Tattoos tend to be like vaccines, really, as visitors are often unaware of what’s being pumped for their physiques.

Natural News will explain, based on tests transported out inside our own in-house Forensic Food Lab, that some tattoo ink consists as high as 6,000 parts per billion (ppb) of mercury.

Other research has proven that tattoo ink frequently includes volatile organic compounds like titanium, copper, chromium and iron. One study on Italia printed last year recognized cadmium, cobalt, chromium and nickel in many of 13 separate ink samples in one supplier. A number of these samples also contained mercury, in line with the study.

“Very handful of nations have rules adjusting the composition of tattoo ink,” describes the site Science Or Else.

“They’ve rules covering colourings found in foods and cosmetics. These don’t affect tattoos, however, many tattoo ink providers reference such rules to point out their products feel at ease. The number of pigments used and inadequate regulation means there’s chance of harmful effects.”

To look for the exam connection between many other consumer products, including brown grain protein and cacao powder, make certain to visit natural News Forensic Food Lab